The Elements by Theodore Gray App Reviews

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Shut up and take my money!!!

Incredible. Period

Fantastic presentation and plenty of detail

This is a beautiful example of presenting information in an informatve an esthetically pleasing way.

Only supports landscape orientation

Stunningly beautiful eBook. Warning: This app only supports landscape orientation on one side, which means its on the wrong side when youre using the iPad case in "bezel" mode. UPDATED REVIEW for v1.0.1.3. The orientation problem is fixed. Now works in both landscape orientations.

Beautiful program...but it crashes

An excellent and fun approach to elements, with cheeky writing and beautiful graphics. But the program crashes when the animated tabs are selected. Frustrating.

Looks great and promising but

It wont load properly and keeps exiting the program. I have rebooted according to app support but did not work. Hopefully this can be resolved soon since I had to pay for this just to see how beautiful the promo said it would be.


Creative and classy - whether you are in school learning the periodic tables or are curious about the elements, this is the app for you! Hi res photos and even some 3D images that revolve, informative and entertaining, lists items that the element is used for ... facts abound. This is one of the apps I most often show people when they want to see what an iPad is.


I love this program, but the updates are to big and take forever to download. 1.71 G update takes forever, please fix this.

Improved 3D options makes it even better

My complaint about the lack of cross-eye viewing has been fixed so this app is even better (though I gave it 5 stars before) One other feature request is that it would be nice if you could pinch to zoom in some more when you are on the page with the enlarged view. Some of the object have fine detail that would be nice to inspect closer. For space reasons you might have to disable the rotation and only have zoom in on the "front" side. Well worth the money. (The large size is a necessity for all the photos included. But I made the mistake of clicking update on my iPad (thinking it would be a small patch not the whole multi-GB app). Luckily pausing the app download and syncing it from iTunes worked.)

Not that great

It looks really beautiful and its a nice way to show off an iPad, but its actually a fairly static interface. I expected more interactivity for the price. (Not that I know how to write an app!) And, as mentioned, its fiendishly large and takes forever to download/update.

Very good

Very good

Singularly unimpressed

Singularly unimpressed Staggeringly large at 1.7 GB. Seems unnecessary even for fairly nice 3-D pics. The navigation is awkward. There is no ability to swipe to move between elements. You have to press a small arrow at the bottom. The home button is way too small on every page. While the home page looks nice its tough to read the names and numbers of the elements. Drop the price by 75%, drop the spinning photographs, drop the size by 80%, and then its worth four stars, maybe five. But only then. Nice integration with WolframAlpha, but this only means that you have to be connected on WiFi or 3G to get that information. Ironic, given the size of this application. All of the information is crammed on to less than one third of the screen so that there can be a spinning model of the element. Granted, the spinning models look nice, but that loses its shine when you struggle to get the more detailed information. Hugely disappointed. This was one of the first apps I wanted to get for the iPad. If I could, I would return this app and then repurchase it when it improves, which I suspect it will.


I love this app, I couldnt find so much information on the elements in one place before.

Nearly perfect

Great writing and unique, engaging presentation ideal for the subject matter... and thats what matters. Not quite perfect: the multimedia presentation is a bit gimmicky and limited, and 90% of the pictures I dont need to spin, let alone see in 3D. And the Wolfram Alpha data on each element is a bit of a shrug to me. But the writing is solid, and many of the pictures are beautiful and beautifully presented. If the author and publisher had invested more in the content -- i.e. longer captions for the pictures, introductions to groups of elements -- I would have given it five stars. Still, look at the non-existent competition. The Elements stands alone in the app store! I would buy something similar in a heartbeat ... but there is nothing else like it to buy. Quite a coup. I will always remember it as my first really satisfying ebook. Sooooooo many metals ... :)


A pretty good app, great images, lots of info, fast, interactive, but like all apps, has its a few problems. Such as, crashing a few times, no zooming in on pictures, and mass download. But an update could fix some of those problems. Its a good app if you need the knowledge, but its just for viewing purposes, I wouldnt get it at the current price.

Beautiful but big have to connect to get info

Pretty much that says it all... One short intro on each element (which is great) but then for everything else you have to connect to the internet.... Add all the extra info and Ill give it five stars easy.

Pretty but get it at 50% off sale

Its cute, but after a few looks youll never use this app again so Im glad I didnt pay full price or Id feel scammed.

Amazing application !!!

This application is great ! It opens up a whole new world, the book is awesome, the application is even better than the book, I bought both the book and application.

Hate the forced animation!

OVERVIEW: On the main Home page, and on the "home" page of each element, there is a lot of animation, which as far as I can tell, cannot be disabled. I find this extremely distracting and irritating. Caveat: I have not read this complaint in any other review, so it makes me wonder if it is just me - perhaps my age (Im in my 50s)? If my suggested enhancement (below) is implemented, I will improve my rating. ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: Nevertheless, I beg the author to do something about this issue. As a first pass, you could provide a switch (a setting option) which allows the user to disable all auto-animation. This would make the main Home page, and each elements home page, completely static (as well as any auto-animation that may occur in other contexts). A second pass would allow the user to disable all auto-animation, but then selectively re-enable it (such as being able to turn, spin, or immobilize an elements home page image). DETAILS: Home page (forced animation - bad): The Home page for this app is the periodic table. For each element, there is an image which either continuously rotates, or continuously scales up and down (zooms in and out). There is little benefit to this presentation, other than a gimmick factor. On the downside, however: 1) it is irritating and distracting. I have trouble focusing on one element, with all the other ones being in continuous motion. 2) the element symbols (H, He, Li, etc) arent even nicely presented - they are in a dull grey fuzzy font which does not stand out. Of course I want to see beautiful images, animation, 3D, etc, in other parts of this app, but for the Home page, I would take almost any periodic table from a google image search over this one. Element home pages (forced animation - bad): On the homepage of each element, the left two thirds of the screen is taken up by an image, which is continuously animated. The right third (or less) of the screen contains information about the element. I have a lot of trouble reading the element info when most of the screen is taken up by a giant rotating gold nugget, or even worse, a big photo of Albert Einstein that continuously grows and shrinks and moves around. And even in the info portion of the screen, there are a number of smaller, yet still distracting, continous animations (such as crystal structure), together with the static info that I am trying to focus on. Element second pages (optional animation - good): From an elements home page, you can go to a second page for the element. The second page contains a (text) article about the element, and a number of images (mostly photographs). By default, everything is static. However, each image can be rotated, spun, or immobilized by the user. Double-clicking on an image brings up a 3D version of it (a double image which can be merged using 3D glasses or perhaps by crossing your eyes). This *optional* animation is great - if only the whole app were like this.


This app is amazing. I dont care how much it costs and how much memory it takes up. I love it. But I like updates and that doesnt happen too often.


At first i loved this app and I was showing it off to my friends and family how everything is crisp and clear ... But then when I took it to science class to do some work I noticed that nowhere on this app is there the ion charge of the elements ... Its necessary to have on the periodic table. If i dont have the ion charge then I cant put together Na and Cl ( sodium and chlorine ) unless i have the ion charge to know that I need 2 chlorine atoms to make the sodium combine them otherwise it wont be stable. Once you put the ion charge on ALL the elements Ill bump up my rating to 5 stars. P.S. I dont care how much memory it takes up ... I have the 64GB iPad so JUST GIVE ME THE ION CHARGE!!.

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